Soft Learners is an online social community and education company which focuses on educating people on ways to improve their lives through knowledge in simple ways. We have partners all around the world with our main focus on the African continent. We believe in Africa and believe Africa has the power and poenitentia’s to rule the world in all spheres of life. You can become a partner with us without boundaries, take the bold step and move with us to greatness building knowledge and financial freedom.

We are registered in the United State of America and have recently launched in Africa with our goal of helping people become their best version through knowledge to help our members and partners learn skills while also acquiring knowledge to be truly financially free through knowledge in a community of collaborative learning.

Become a pioneering partner even as we grow, as partners, you have the right and opportunity to spread the word about what we do while we ensure you get every possible commission you qualify to earn to reward your efforts to see Soft Learners impact more lives.

One major reason we reward our partners so much is based on the dynamic strategy of producing our courses and learning materials in simple fewer distracting ways as digital products by converting our in-class trainings into digital lessons, this have given us the opportunity to raise our return-on-investment giving us the power to pay out about 80% of our profit as commission so our partners will be happy and financially free.

Ensure you join in this great move to become your best version, start with us now as we build the future together.

Soft Learners – Greatness in Knowledge.


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