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Learning gives you the power to change the world, learn something new daily at your own pace.


Great things are worth sharing with friends, family and loved once. If you love them, tell them of it.


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WHY Soft Learners

Learn at your pace
Our courses are easy, strait to point, with less distractions. All courses and community activities at your pace
Open Learning From All
We take learning from various sources, anyone can share their experience or learning with all, it's an open community
Total Compensation Transparency
Not just the theory, Our easy and members focused compensation plan gives you the power to earn more for a better life
Digital Products + Digital Currency + Affiliate Marketing
The future belongs to those who can adapt and are dynamic. Our digital products and services enable us payout over 70% of our revenue as commission, you can never be wrong joining us
soft learners world


a part of us

There are three ways to become a Soft Learner team member, no matter what you choose, you are always at a position to excel and become your better version.




Enjoy the community, all free courses and also 15% Direct Referral commission
Plus, premium courses, 10 levels referral commission and rank bonuses



Plus, several privileges and addons to build teams and use your skills to earn more

Soft Learners Road Map

Develop more courses
Our goal is to make available more courses and trainings to give you better insights for growth.
Improve contents
Just starting makes things rough and funny but trust us, we aim for the best of products and services.
More income sources
Collaborating with other platforms for partners to offer services (digital or physical), get/sell (digital products), with more affiliate commission digital products or services.
Improve partners commission
Soft Learners number one purpose is to ensure our partners achieve financial freedom; this is why we payout over 70% of our profit + 15% onetime fast start bonus. We will continue to improve on this to keep the vision alive.
Open course development to partners
We believe over time our partners will be ready to share their learnings, professional skills and life experience, therefore enriching Soft Learners content while our partners get more commission for their work.

Learn, Collaborate & Earn

The social learning community powered with affiliate marketing. Collaborate, interact, learn skills and earn along the way. Be a part of the future. #SocialLearningCommunity #AffiliateMarketing #FinancialFreedom
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